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Easy Bake Chicken
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Easy Bake Chicken

1 Whole Uncooked Chicken
1 Medium Apple
2 Tablespoons Salt

Baking Dish
Knife for carving
We often get questions from our Farmer's Market customer on how to cook a whole chicken. The following is a very simple recipe that consistently delivers a moist chicken with few ingredients and small prep time. The apple in the cavity keeps the chicken sweet and moist with minimal effort
Please note: This recipe includes raw chicken, so safe food handling is critical. Please see the FDA's Safe Food Handling for the key steps to safe food handling

- Look in oven to ensure that there are no items stored there. If so remove the items.
- Set the racks so that the chicken in the baking dish can fit in the oven.
- Preheat oven to 400F.
- Rub whole chicken in salt and let sit for 10 minutes in baking dish.
- Rinse chicken and baking dish in water.
- Stuff cavity with medium sized apple.
- Place chicken in baking dish.
- Place the chicken and baking dish in the oven.
- Cook for 50 minutes. When finished the skin will be a golden brown. The internal temperature in the breast should be 165F.
- Let rest for 10 minutes, remove apple, you won't be needing it.
- Carve chicken. See How to Carve a Chicken

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